Following Jesus
in every area of life

Living Christianity is a series of studies about God's calling for his people in the world

Living Christianity consists of 5 studies, each lasting just over an hour.

It's aimed at groups and individuals who want to be equipped to engage our contemporary world.

concern for society

concern for society

engaging with today's world as disciples of Jesus

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christians and the world

christians and the world

holding a biblical view of the world and our role in it

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christians and work

christians and work

getting clear on our calling to live as Christians at work

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life, gender, marriage and family

life, gender, marriage and family

valuing God's good design for all areas of life

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christians as citizens

christians as citizens

embracing our Christian citizenship in society today

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Over these 5 sessions we hope to get you to recognize and value that following Christ transforms all aspects of our lives.

new people

new people

Christians are new people in Christ, with a new status and a new purpose. No longer under the power of sin, we have been transferred into the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In him we have redemption and forgiveness of sin. As followers of Christ we are called to grow in our love for Him and for our fellow believers.

living faithfully


Christ is Lord in our family life, when we are at work, in our responsibilities as citizens, and much more besides.

The Bible guides believers to seek a healthy church life and to spread the good news, but it also directs us to live faithfully in everything else too.

in all areas of life

in all areas of life

If we want to be faithful and effective Christian citizens, we need to pay particular attention to what it means to truly engage with wider society.

Our prayer is that through the course, you and your group recognize the implications of living as a Christian in today’s world and become better equipped to live out your faith in all areas of life.

how it works


get started

by thinking about a key aspect of the session


watch a video

addressing the session topic


discuss the Bible passage

chosen to complement the video



about how to put what you’ve learnt into practice

each session should last not much more than an hour

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